Important Information

March 6-7

• This weekend was originally the Tour and TCS Finals for 12-17s, and Tour Stop #2 for the 18s.
• The TCS Finals Stop in Houston over this weekend will be renamed TCS Stop #2. Format and schedule for this TCS stop will not change.
• For the Tour, this weekend will now be called the Tour of Texas Pre-Qualifying Stop for 13s-17s, Tour Stop 2 for the 18s, and Tour Finals for the 12s.
o The format will be the same as the original Tour Stop 2 that was scheduled for Feb 20-21
o There will be a top pool of 6 for teams #1 - #6 followed by 3 pools of 6 for teams #7 - #24
o The Top 12 finishers from this stop earn the pre-qualified spots for 2022 Tour of Texas (13s-17s)
o Seeding for pre-qualified teams for 2022 will be based on team finish at this Tour Pre-Qualifying Stop March 6-7
• Awards will not be distributed over the March 6-7 weekend for Tour or TCS. Please see the May dates for awards information.
Wave Assignments
• ASC Cedar Park
• 12s: Saturday PM wave, Sunday

• Central Texas Fieldhouse • 13s: AM wave • 14s: PM wave

• Central Texas Fieldhouse • 13s: Sunday only for Flight divisions

• Round Rock Sports Center
• 15s: AM wave • 16s: AM wave • 17s: PM wave • 18s: PM wave

The wave assignment indicates the division's first day/start of competition, with the division's play concluding the following day. Teams will be notified if any changes have occurred. AM Wave starts at 8 AM. PM Wave starts approximately at 3 PM.

No tiebreakers throughout the tournament per the new USAV Tie Breaker Policy. Ties will be determined by Match %, Set %, and then Point %. Two-way ties will be determined by Head to Head.

Please refer to the flow charts for the 2021 Tour of Texas to see how many teams can still advance to to the gold bracket.