Qualified Teams for the 2020 Tour of Texas

Qualified teams do not need to register for the Tour Stops.

The tournament host will register all qualified teams. Club directors will then receive an email and need to ensure the correct roster is used.

The Tour of Texas is mandatory once qualified

This applies to teams that qualify at the Tour of Texas Qualifier; it does not include pre-qualified teams from the previous year. Should a team qualify for the Tour of Texas then choose to drop or not attend any one of the Tour Stops, the entire club will be prohibited to place any teams into the Tour of Texas the following year. Pre-qualified teams that do not notify the tournament director by August 15, 2019 of their playing status will also see the same penalty should they drop from the Tour.

Tour of Texas Qualifier Rosters become Frozen

The rosters submitted at the Tour of Texas Qualifier will be considered frozen for the entirety of the Tour. Any changes to the roster for Stop II or Finals will need to be approved by the Tour of Texas committee.

Important Housing Information

Only the pre-qualified teams will be able to book their hotels for Tour Stop II, and Tour Finals starting November 1, 2019. Any team that qualifies at the 2019 Tour of Texas Qualifier will have to wait until January to book through EM2 Housing.

Pre-Qualified Teams

Any pre-qualified team that gets bought out, merged with an existing club, or moves to a new club will automatically forfeit their pre-qualified status. A change in team code for any reason will result in that team losing its pre-qualified spot.
NEW in 2019-2020 - Pre-qualified teams are required to notify the tournament host by August 15, 2019 of their playing status. Should a pre-qualified team choose to drop from the Tour after this date, the entire club will be prohibited to place any teams into the Tour of Texas the following year.

Qualified Teams

956 Volleyball 12u-1 (fj2c956v1ls)

AJV 12 Mizuno (fj2ajvba1ls)

Alamo 12 Elite (fj2alamo2ls)

Alamo 12 Premier (fj2alamo1ls)

AP 12 Adidas (fj2aperf1ls)

Brazos Valley 12 National (fj2bvjrs1ls)

Corpus Christi Storm 121 (fj2ccsto1ls)

Houston Stellar 12 Elite (fj2hsvba1ls)

Laredo Infinity 12 Black (fj2linfi1ls)

Laredo Juniors 12 Navy (fj2lrdjv1ls)

Laredo Premier 12 Force (fj2larpr1ls)

SA Force 121 Darkside(fj2safor1ls)

STVA 12 Navy (fj2stvac1ls)

TAV Houston 12 Black (fj2tavho1ls)

TEXAS FURY 12 Legacy(fj2txfur1ls)

TX Tornados 12 Adidas (fj2txtor1ls)

*Updated 1/13/20
Qualified Teams

AJV 13 Mizuno (fj3ajvba1ls)

Alamo 13 Elite (fj3alamo2ls)

Alamo 13 Premier (fj3alamo1ls)

AP 13 Adidas (fj3aperf1ls)

Austin Skyline 13 Royal (fj3askyl1ls)

EMV 13 Adidas Black (fj3eagmt1nt)

FH 13 Ikaika-Graham (fj3field1nt)

HEAT - VA 13-1 (fj3heava1ls)

High Impact Vball Club (fj3hivbc1nt)

HJV 13 Elite - S (fj3houjr2ls)

Laredo Jrs- 13 Navy (fj3lrdjv1ls)

Laredo Premier-13 Force

Roots 13 UA (fj3roots1ls)

SA Magic 13 ELITE (fj3samag1ls)

SA Xtreme 13 (fj3saxtr1ls)

Skyline 13 Royal (fj3skyln1nt)

STVA 13 Navy (fj3stvac1ls)

Summit 13 Nike Blue (fj3dsumm1nt)

TAV 13 Black (fj3txadv1nt)

TAV 13 Blue (fj3txadv2nt)

TAV Houston 13 Black(fj3tavho1ls)

Texas Pistols 13 Black (fj3txpst1nt)

TX Tornados 13 Adidas(fj3txtor1ls)

TX Tornados 13 National (fj3stvac1ls)

*Updated 1/19/20
Pre-Qualified Teams

ACE 14 Under Armour (fj4acevb1nt)

Aggie Elite 14 National (fj4ageli1ls)

AJV 14 Mizuno (fj4ajvba1ls)

Alamo 14 Premier (fj4alamo1ls)

Brazos Valley 14 National (fj4bvjrs1ls)

SA MAGIC 14 ELITE (fj4samag1ls)

SA Xtreme 14 (fj4saxtr1ls)

Skyline 14 Royal (fj4skyln1nt)

TAV 14 Black (fj4txadv1nt)

Texas Coastal 14 Maroon(fj4txcoa1ls)

Texas Fury 14 Legacy(fj4txfur1ls)

TX Tornados 14 Adidas (fj4txtor1ls)

Qualified Teams

Determined by 2020 Tour Qualifier Finishes

AJV 14 Molten (fj4ajvba2ls)

Alamo 14 Elite (fj4alamo2ls)

AP 14 Adidas (fj4aperf1ls)

CC Force 141 Crossfire (fj4ccfor1ls)

Drive Nation 14 Red (fj4tejas1nt)

FH 14 Ikaika-Annette (fj4field1nt)

HJV 14 Elite (fj4houjr1ls)

HOU STELLAR 14 ELITE (fj4hsvba1ls)

NL Infantil Mayor (fj4nvoln1mx)

Roots 14 UA (fj4roots1ls)

TAV 14 Blue (fj4txadv2nt)

TX Tornados 14 National (fj4txtor2ls)

*Updated 1/21/20
Pre-Qualified Teams

AJV 15 Mizuno (fj5ajvba1ls)

Alamo 15 Premier (fj5alamo1ls)

AP 15 adidas (fj5aperf1ls)

AJV 15 Molten (fj5ajvba2ls)

Areté 15 Navy Telos (fj5arete1nt)

Drive Nation 15 Red (fj5tejas1nt)

HJV 15 Elite (fj5houjr1ls)

Skyline 15 Royal (fj5skyln1nt)

TAV 15 Black (fj5txadv1nt)

TAV Houston 15 Black (fj5tavho1ls)

TX Tornados 15 Adidas (fj5txtor1ls)

W Revolution 15 Premier (fj5wrevo1ls)

Qualified Teams

Alamo 15 Elite (fj5alamo2ls)

Drive Nation 15 Black (fj5tejas2nt)

HJV 15 Premier (fj5houjr3ls)

HOU STELLAR 15 ELITE (fj5hsvba1ls)

Katy United 15 Adidas (fj5katuv1ls)

SA Force 151 Darkside (fj5safor1ls)

SA Magic 15 ELITE (fj5samag1ls)

TAV 15 Blue (fj5txadv2nt)

TCVA 15 Green Adidas (fj5trico1ls)

Texas Pistols 15 Black (fj5txpst1nt)

W Revolution 15 Adidas (fj5wrevo2ls)

WACO VBC 15 UA Black (fj5wacov1ls)

*Updated 1/21/20
Pre-Qualified Teams

ACE 16 Smack (fj6acevb1nt)

Alamo 16 Premier (fj6alamo1ls)

AP 16 Adidas (fj6aperf1ls)

Areté 16 Navy Telos (fj6arete1nt)

Attack 16 Black (fj6attck1nt)

Austin Skyline 16 Royal (fj6askyl1ls)

Drive Nation 16 Red (fj6tejas1nt)

HJV 16 Elite (fj6houjr1ls)

Skyline 16 Royal (fj6skyln1nt)

TAV 16 Black (fj6txadv1nt)

TAV Houston 16 Black (fj6tavho1ls)

Texas Pistols 16 Black (fj6txpst1nt)

Qualified Teams

AJV 16 Mizuno (fj6ajvba1ls)

HJV 16 Premier (fj6houjr3ls)

HOU STELLAR 16 ELITE (fj6impac1ls)

IMPACT - 161 (fj6impac1ls)

MuscleVB 16-1 (fj6musvb1nt)

NL Juvenil Menor (fj6nvoln1mx)

Roots 16 UA (fj6roots1ls)

SA Absolute 16-1 (fj6saava1ls)

SA Magic 16 ELITE (fj6samag1ls)

TAV 16 Blue (fj6txadv2nt)

W Revolution 16 Premier (fj6wrevo1ls)

WACO VBC 16 UA Black (fj6wacov1ls)

*Updated 1/19/20
Pre-Qualified Teams

AJV 17 Mizuno (fj7ajvba1ls)

Austin Skyline 17 Royal (fj7askyl1ls)

HJV 17 Elite (fj7houjr1ls)

HOU STELLAR 17 ELITE (fj7hsvba1ls)

Instinct17WTigersWGold (fj7instn1nt)

SA Magic 17 ELITE (fj7samag1ls)

Skyline 17 Black (fj7skyln2nt)

Skyline 17 Royal (fj7skyln1nt)

Summit 17 Nike Blue (fj7dsumm1nt)

TAV 17 Black (fj7txadv1nt)

TAV 17 Blue (fj7txadv2nt)

Texas Pistols 17 Black (fj7txpst1nt)

Qualified Teams

Alamo 17 Premier (fj7alamo1ls)

AP 17 adidas (fj7aperf1ls)

Attack 17 Black (fj7attck1nt)

CC Force 171 Crossfire (fj7ccfor1ls)

HJV 17 Elite - S (fj7houjr2ls)

HJV 17 Premier (fj7houjr3ls)

Ignite 171 (fj7ignit1ls)

Max Performance 17 Blue (fj7maxpe2ls)

SA Force 172 National (fj7safor2ls)

SA Absolute 17-1 (fj7saava1ls)

TAV Houston 17 Black (fj7tavho1ls)

TX LEGACY - 17 ELITE (fj7tlgcy1ls)

*Updated 1/19/20
Pre-Qualified Teams

AJV 18 Mizuno (fj8ajvba1ls)

Alamo 18 Premier (fj8alamo1ls)

AP 18 adidas (fj8aperf1ls)

Austin Skyline 18 Royal (fj8askyl1ls)

CC Force 181 Crossfire (fj8ccfor1ls)

Drive Nation 18 Red (fj8tejas1nt)

HJV 18 Elite (fj8houjr1ls)

HOU STELLAR 18 ELITE (fj8hsvba1ls)

Skyline 18 Royal (fj8skyln1nt)

TAV 18 Black (fj8txadv1nt)

TAV 18 Blue (fj8txadv2nt)

TAV Houston 18 Black (fj8tavho1ls)

Qualified Teams

AJV 18 Elite (fj8ajvbacls)

Alamo 18 Elite (fj8alamo2ls)

Arsenal 18 Gold (fj8davbc1nt)

Club 940 18 Adidas Black (fj8940vb1nt)

HOU STELLAR 18 PREMIER (fj8hsvba2ls)

HJV 18 Elite - South (fj8houjr2ls)

NL Juvenil Mayor (fj8nvoln1mx)

SA Force 181 Darkside (fj8safor1ls)

SA Magic 18 ELITE (LS) (fj8samag1ls)

Texas 432 18s (fj8txftt1su)

TEXSTAR 18 (fj8txstr1ls)

WACO VBC 18 UA Black (fj8wacov1ls)

*Updated 1/21/20