The Lone Star Championship Series (LSCS) has been renamed the Texas Championship Series (TCS)

Tour of Texas & Texas Championship Series FAQ

Is my team required to participate if we qualify?
Yes - If a team qualifies for the Tour of Texas at the Tour of Texas Qualifier, they are required to compete at all Tour Stops. If a team does not compete in the remaining Stops, the entire club is penalized and cannot compete in the following year's Tour of Texas Qualifier.

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Texas Championship Series
No - The qualified teams (the next best eligible teams) have the option to participate in the Texas Championship Series or not. However, if a team accepts, they must participate in all remaining Stops.
How does my team register?
Teams can register for the Tour of Texas Qualifier on AES. Click here for registration. In the "search by event name" enter Tour of Texas and choose the Qualifier you'd be interested in attending. Teams who qualify do not need to register for the Tour of Texas Stops. They will be registered automatically after the Tour of Texas Qualifier by the tournament host.

Texas Championship Series
All teams who register and play in the Tour of Texas Qualifier are considered eligible for the TCS. Entry into the TCS is dependent on qualification (the next best eligible teams after those who qualified for the Tour of Texas).
What are the entry fees?
Please see the Online Team Registration page for the entry fees for the Tour of Texas, including the Tour Qualifiers.

Check out the Texas Championship Series Entry Fees page for the TCS Stops entry fee.
How do I pay the entry fees?
Tour & Texas Championship Series
Teams who register for the Tour of Texas Qualifier have the option of paying via credit card through AES or submitting a check. Once a team has qualified for the Tour or accepted an invite to the Texas Championship Series, they will be given more information via email.
Is this a stay to play tournament?
Yes - The Tour of Texas Qualifier, as well as the Tour Stops, require teams to fulfill the stay to play requirements.

Yes - The Texas Championship Series Stops require teams to fulfill the stay to play requirements.
How will ties be broken down in determining qualification?
There will be no ties to break - the tournament will play down to the appropriate place for each division.

A tie to determine which team qualifies for the TCS will be determined by match, set, point ratio.