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What is the Tour of Texas?
The Tour of Texas is an elite competition where the most elite teams from Texas compete in three cities around our great state in an effort to be crowned the best in Texas.

All teams interested in competing in the Tour of Texas must first participate in a Tour of Texas Qualifier. Teams placing 1st thru 12th place at this event automatically enter into the Tour of Texas and are required to participate in the remaining Tour Stops; Tour Stop II and the Tour Finals. For further clarification on how the Tour bids will be allocated, click here. The 24 teams who compete in the Tour consist of the top 12 teams from the previous year's Tour Finals (pre-qualified teams) and the top 12 teams from the current year's Tour Qualifier.

Upon conclusion of the Tour Qualifier the next 12 eligible teams (after those placing 1st-12th) will be invited to participate in the Texas Championship Series.  This comparable series was created for the next tier of elite competitors who will compete in two stops of their own.
What does 'Pre-Qualified' mean?
The term 'pre-qualified' refers to the top 12 teams from the previous year's Tour Finals. These teams get an automatic invitation into the following year's Tour of Texas and will compete in the 'pre-qualifed' division at the Tour of Texas Qualifier. A list of these pre-qualified can be found on the Home Page.
How can my team prepare for the Tour of Texas?
One of the best ways to prepare for the Tour of Texas is to participate in the Tour of Texas Warm Up in Austin, Texas.  Participating in the Tour Warm Up will allow your team to get a preview of some of the teams planning to compete in the Tour of Texas Qualifier.  
Are there other options should my team not qualify for the Tour of Texas ?
Yes, there are a few options, some of which directly coincide with the Tour of Texas dates.

Texas Championship Series is an available option for divisions 12s–17s, who do not qualify for the Tour of Texas.  Specifically, the next eligible 12 teams after those finished 1st thru 12th at the Tour Qualifier will be invited to compete in LSCS.

Texas Fest is a tournament for all age divisions held in Dallas, TX.

The Mizuno Cross Court Classic is a two-day tournament held in Houston, TX.

A link to each of these tournament's event pages can be found on our home page: Tour of Texas Home Page

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Who do I contact?
Each tournament will have their own unique contact for weekend specific questions. Please visit the respective page for contact information.

Tour Qualifier San Antonio & Houston >>
Tour Qualifier Dallas >>

Tour Stop II - 12s >>
Tour Stop II Dallas - 13s–17s >>

Tour Finals >>
Are wristbands valid for entry into all Tour Stops?
No.  The wristbands purchased for the Tour of Texas are based on each stop.

This means any wristband purchased for the Tour of Texas Qualifier will be valid for that tournament weekend only and cannot be used at the following Tour Stops. This year, the wristband will not be location specific within the same weekend. For instance, wristbands purchased for the Tour of Texas Qualifier will be valid for any of the Tour of Texas Qualifier venues.
Can players bring in water bottles?
 Yes, players may bring refillable water bottles into all venues, but please note that water is not provided by the event

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Do athletes and coaches need to purchase an entry wristband?
Athletes and coaches do not need to purchase spectator wristbands for any Tour of Texas or Texas Championship Series event.

Player credentials will not be given for the Tour of Texas or Texas Championship Series, however, as long as players are wearing player uniforms they will be allowed inside the playing venue. Coaches should receive a complimentary coach wristband typically provided at Team Check In.
Where can my team warm up?
Teams are allowed to warm up on the court they are playing on during their official warm-up time.

No ball handling is allowed in the aisles or free space of any venue. Stretching and dynamic warm ups can happen where there is clear space.
Can we bring radios/portable speakers into the playing facility for team warm up?
No. Please be advised that all portable speakers (boom boxes, wireless speakers, etc) are strictly prohibited for all players, coaches, and spectators.

Please leave these at home and do not bring them to any playing venue. If you do bring them, the tournament staff will hold them at the championship desk until you leave for the day. We appreciate your consideration and adherence to this policy.